Sociocracy Facilitation Training 

Sociocracy facilitation training for individuals and small groups.

This offering is right for you if you

  • have a group of 4-8 people learning together
  • everyone has some experience with sociocracy
  • you want to become better meeting facilitators

Ideally, your group has gone through our video-led introduction to sociocracy for beginners – but any other sociocracy introduction will work as well. 

How it Works

3 sessions of sociocracy facilitation training and practice

  • For individuals or groups of 4-8 people – learn together in the same room (real or virtual)
  • Each session combines watching videos and doing exercises together
  • This curriculum contains:
    • great activities to put what you learn in practice right away
    • videos to walk you through each step
    • online access from anywhere in the world
    • access to the sociocracy FAQ to answer all your learning questions!

How Much does it Cost?

Sign Up for the Facilitation training ELC

Training sessions

  • Unit A: Check-in and ADMIN
  • Unit B: Session overview
  • Unit C: Consent and Objections 1
  • Unit D: Consent and Objections 2
  • Unit E: Consent and Objections 3
  • Unit F: Faux objections
  • Unit G: Objections – all steps
  • Unit H: Debrief and open questions
  • Unit I: Meeting evaluation
  • Unit J: Welcome and check-in
  • Unit K1: ADMIN
  • Unit K2: Answer questions
  • Unit L: Time management
  • Unit M: Facilitators and power
  • Unit N: Disruption
  • Unit O: Yes-and-moves
  • Unit P: Debrief
  • Unit Q: Meeting evaluation
  • Unit R: Welcome and check-in
  • Unit S1: ADMIN
  • Unit S2: Questions
  • Unit T1: Overview & proposals
  • Unit T2: Proposal shaping
  • Unit T3: Consent process
  • Unit U: Selection process (topics)
  • Unit V: Writing roles
  • Unit W: Giving feedback
  • Unit X: Objection in a selection process
  • Unit Y: Debrief
  • Unit Z: Session evaluation

Sign up 


Are you the Group Leader or a Group Member?

All Group Members need a Group Leader and the Group Name their Group Leader shared with them in order to sign up.

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Add Coaching

Do you want extra support on your journey?

Sociocracy For All coaches are experienced guides and personal support for your group. We can meet for one hour together to answer all of your left-over questions from this course.

Note: You do not have to decide now – you can always add coaching later.

Sign up for Coaching:

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More Questions?

How do the sessions work?
  • Before the first session.
    • Make a date! The course requires a group to learn and practice with during the sessions. Get your group of 4-7 people together and schedule a time/date. You can meet virtually or in person.
    • Make sure to invite your group members (see below) so they get access. They need to know the group name you entered. The other members in your need to sign up for the course via this page or this link and select “Group Member”. They enter the Group Name when they checkout.
  • During the session.
    • All members meet for each session and go through the group exercises together. Each session takes about 2 hours, including all exercises.
  • Between sessions.
    • Answering your questions:
      • You can research the questions you’ve gathered in your session in the FAQ.
      • Meet with your coach to support your group in finding the answers in your group. (optional) We recommend getting coaching from our experienced Sociocracy For All coaches.
    • Enjoy the additional materials! (You will receive them in an email.)
    • Read the articles in preparation for the next session. (You will receive them in an email.)
Training Philosophy

Sociocracy For All is a non-profit driven by a mission: making good governance methods available to everyone. We think that better decision-making and inclusion should be the new normal in all places where people come together: schools, businesses, volunteer organizations, schools, clubs, even families!

To achieve the mission, we work with members and staff to make sociocracy accessible to as many people as possible, without compromising on quality. This facilitation course is an example of that. We want to strengthen existing groups and give them the tools and the opportunity to learn together.

What does the Group Leader do?

The Group Leader will set the pace for your group and organize your group practice sessions.
Some groups may have chosen to use a shared login for their group leader account, in which case your group leader may share that login. If you are using the Group Leader login, then you control access for the group.

What if the group has multiple leaders?
If the person who paid for the leader account is either not the one who will be leading the group, or is co-leading, they should share the account with the other leader(s).

To make a shared account, all the leaders will need to log in with the same email address, or use a shared password on the SoFA website.