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About Sociocracy for All

Sociocracy For All (SoFA) is a nonprofit that helps organizations, communities, workplaces and collectives to learn how to organize in a decentralized way and make their decisions with equity, efficiency, empowerment, trust and transparency using sociocracy.

Our aim is to promote sociocracy locally and globally as a sustainable way of governance. We do this by innovating by making decisions together and sharing what we learn!

A group of people in a circle taking part of a sociocracy workshop by Jerry Koch-Gonzalez

Learn about sociocracy

Sociocracy is a set of tools and principles that ensure shared power. Sociocracy helps us make inclusive, collaborative decisions by listening to everyone’s voices.

Sociocratic Organizations

We help groups self-organize and get into action across different sectors:

Sociocracy offers a way out of power control/dynamics by:

  • Providing a more horizontal structure
  • Guidance with processes that help agents of change become resilient
  • Helping groups work more equitably, taking everyone’s needs into account.

Sociocracy resources

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At SoFA our mission is to make sociocracy accessible to everyone by creating communities of practice, sharing materials, training and resources for learning and implementing it widely and freely.

Sociocracy training

Sociocracy For All offers training for all levels. Most of our sociocracy training offerings are online. We have created enjoyable online training options for sociocracy around:

  • Meeting facilitation
  • Group decision making
  • Nonviolent Communication training
  • Organizational structure and development
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Organizational Implementation

SoFA offers the necessary help to transform your organization according to your inspiration, availability, and budget.

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Social Justice Statement

Sociocracy makes organizations and groups more inclusive because

With sociocracy all voices matter!

We chose sociocracy because we believe that the world will be better when people learn to share power and engage together to meet their individual and collective needs in an equitable way, with respect for all living beings.

Audree teaching

Language equity and global collaboration

Sociocracy in different languages

Sociocracy For All is a global network of sociocracy practitioners, each language is a circle collaborating within SoFA.

Sociocracy around the world map

A Sociocracy Map curated by SoFA

This map identifies SoFA members and organizations that use sociocracy.

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