The Sociocracy Circle Structure Course

Learn about circle structure in general – and then draw your own!


Do you have an organization in mind? This set of videos leads you through:

  • Session 1: the basics of circle structure
  • Session 2: how to design your own circle structure of an organization 

How it works

  • You can do this course alone or in a small group.
  • It takes about 1 hour total (including the exercises)
  • This course is free for everyone! 

Experience level

  • This course works for beginners or as a review

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Training sessions

  • Unit A: Circles, aims, domains
  • Unit B: The General Circle
  • Unit C: Sub-circles
  • Unit D: Linking
  • Unit E: Forming the General Circle
  • Unit F: The Mission Circle
  • Unit G: Roles
  • Unit H: Example of a nonprofit
  • Unit I: Example of a community
  • Unit J: Decentralized organizations
  • Unit K: Evolution
  • Unit L: Common misconceptions
  • Unit M: Closing
  • Unit N: Your mission
  • Unit O: Your aims
  • Unit P: Your sub-aims
  • Unit Q: Your sub-sub-aims
  • Unit R: Your roles
  • Unit S: Your domains
  • Unit T: Check your structure
  • Unit U: Common mistakes
  • Unit V: Next steps

Sign up

This course is free – register now! 

You can go through the course alone or with a small group. 


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Add Coaching

Review your circle structure with someone

After you draw your first draft of a circle structure, you might have additional questions or questions about your specific organizations. This class can’t cover all variations or special cases – but you can book an hour with an experienced coach to go over your circle structure with you.

  • Coaching can be done alone or in a group.
  • Cost: you can find our regular coaching calls on our coaching call. After you complete this course, we will send you a 25% discount code for a coaching call.
  • See our regular coaching offerings on our coaching page.