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Sociocracy for All has deprecated its old LMS. You can no longer access your account on learning.sociocracyforall.org.

All courses will now be managed on learn.sociocracyforall.org.

We are working to continue to improve the experience of our platform.

If you have previously purchased a course and cannot access it by logging into this website with the same credentials, please contact [email protected].

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What Courses are Available?

Sociocratic Circle Structure Course

The Sociocratic Circle Structure Course is now included as part of our organizational learners package. It is no longer available as a free product.

Deciding Together: A free course for climate activists

Thanks to the Climate Emergency Fund, we’re able to offer this course to support grassroots climate groups in learning inclusive group decision-making processes that work – with sociocracy.

Sociocracy Journey (Free Resource)

7 days of the best-of articles and videos on sociocracy for you – plus something to try out for every step!

Sociocracy Basics Empowered Learning Circle

Video recorded group course that covers overview of circle structures, consent decision making, selection process and roles, group feedback process and exploration of next steps.

Sociocracy Facilitation Empowered Learning Circle

Video recorded group course that covers facilitating consent decision-making and how to integrate objections, Co-creating proposals, and how to respond when things don’t go according to plan.

Nonviolent Communication(NVC) Empowered Learning Circle

Become a better communicator! With this video-led, self-serve course for groups, you can learn Nonviolent Communication (NVC) online or in person – “the language of life”!